Elite Athletes

For our elite runners we are offering the following package:

  1. Front pen for elites at the start of the race

  2. Pre-race elite athletes marquee 

  3. Dedicated toilets by the elites marquee

  4. Transfer of baggage from elites marquee to main baggage storage ready for collection

  5. Pre race water & isotonic drinks

  6. Post race buffet in the elites marquee


To be eligible to run as an elite you need to have achieved the following times since 1st January 2014:

• Men sub 2:45
• Women sub 3:15

To apply for an elite place please email Linda with details of your qualifying time and a link to results on the race organiser's website.

Elites who have run faster than 2:30 (men) 3:00 (women) since 1st January 2014 will qualify for a free place.


We are a race organised by runners and are determined to deliver a race which will maintain its reputation as the UK's favourite marathon.


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