MBNA Chester Metric Marathon Sunday 8th October 2017. Enter Now for Good Times!

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MBNA Metric Marathon

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08 Oct 2017 10:15

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon Sunday 8th October 2017. Enter Now for Good Times!

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Training Runs & Seminars

Our free monthly "pop along and join in" training runs will be running from June to September to prepare for the MBNA Chester Marathon & Metric Marathon in October.  

The January to May 2017 training runs leading to the Essar Chester 2017 Half Marathon were a huge success and helped so many runners to achieve their goals.

The upcoming 2017 dates are
6 August - training run - 14 miles for marathon novices, 16 miles for marathon improvers/faster runners and 13 miles for metric marathon runners.
3 September - training run - 18 miles for marathon novices, 20 miles for marathon improvers/faster runners and 14 miles for metric marathon runners.
24 September - "Two weeks to go" Seminar followed by a training run - 15 miles for  all marathon runners and 14 miles for metric marathon runners.

If you've not joined us at one of our training runs before, don't be shy, everyone is welcome.  We're a friendly bunch and will have a number of pace runner led groups, running at various paces from 7:30 minutes to 11 minutes per mile.  Many of the groups are led by the Pace Runners* from our events.    

These runs give you the opportunity to run with others and chat about their training, gaining valuable advice, tips and encouragement.

We meet at Total Fitness, Liverpool Road, Chester CH2 1AQ ready to start at 9am.  We run out and back along the traffic-free Chester Millennium Greenway so there are no worries about traffic or getting lost and it makes it easy for you to do more or less than the planned distance if you prefer.

After running we meet up again in the cafe for a drink and one of Elaine's famous flapjacks. 

"From the feedback we get these training runs are providing a valuable opportunity for many people who normally train on their own to mix with others on the same journey to the Half Marathon, the MBNA Chester Marathon and Metric Marathon" reflected Race Organiser Chris Hulse.

Look forward to seeing you there! 

Here are our 2017 marathon novice, marathon improver's  and metric marathon training schedules. 

Also, to help you arrive at the start line prepared, motivated and ready to have a great race day we've partnered with Mbition the smart Adaptive Training app. It creates a CUSTOM training plan which is 100% built around your fitness, schedule and goal. It then cleverly ADAPTS as you progress to your pacing, distance and activity levels. So if you are forced to take a break through holiday, illness or injury the plan will get you back on track.
It takes about 2 minutes to create your own personal plan. Visit www.mbition.coach and select MBNA Chester Marathon and enter a few details about your current fitness level and Mbition will create a custom plan just for you.  Their expert coaching team, designers and techies have spent 2 years pouring over algorithms, runners' habits and working through every scenario possible to enable their app to adapt around you.  Sessions are designed to be varied and interesting to keep you motivated - so you'll never ever be a one speed runner again and make great progress towards your goal.  Try it out for yourself, go to www.mbition.coach to start your free 30 days trail. 

* Fielding a team of Pace Runners for the marathon is already quite a job so currently we have no plans for extending this provision to the metric marathon - but you never know! 

Course Record


Matt Adcock in 2015


Louise Blizzard in 2014

2016 Results

1st Darren Rowlands (Wrexham AAC) 1:34:56
2nd Ian Hammett (Bedford Harriers AC) 1:38:32
3rd Steven Pennington (Salford Harriers & AC) 1:42:15
1st Mary Western (PH Racing Club) 1:53:51
2nd Fiona Cook (Northwich Runners) 1:55:11
3rd Louise Blizzard (Belgrave Harriers) 1:56:17
Full results


As with all such events, our events would not be possible without the help of a huge team of volunteers.

Find out more.