We're partnering with Mbition

Arrive at the start line prepared, motivated and ready to have a great race day! 

MBNA Chester Marathon and Metric Marathon has partnered with Mbition the smart Adaptive Training app. It creates a CUSTOM training plan which is 100% built around your fitness, schedule and goal. It then cleverly ADAPTS as you progress to your pacing, distance and activity levels. So if you are forced to take a break through holiday, illness or injury the plan will get you back on track.

It takes about 2 minutes to create your own personal plan. Visit www.mbition.coach, select MBNA Chester Marathon or Metric Marathon and enter a few details about your current fitness level. Then Mbition will create a custom plan just for you.

Their expert coaching team, designers and techies have spent 2 years poring over algorithms, runners' habits and working through every scenario possible to enable their app to adapt around you.

Sessions are designed to be varied and interesting to keep you motivated - so you'll never be a one speed runner again - and make great progress towards your goal.

Try it out for yourself, go to www.mbition.coach to start your free 30 days trial. 

Good luck with your training!