MBNA Chester 10K - Sunday 10th March 2024

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10 Mar 2024 09:00

MBNA Chester 10K - Sunday 10th March 2024

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10 Reasons To Run a 10K

Thinking about running a 10K or fancy a quick re-cap as to why 10K is a brilliant distance for everyone? 
Here is all you need to know, with our 10 x reasons to run the MBNA Chester 10K 
It is so easy to fall in love with the 10K distance ❤️💜❤️

 1. It is a great challenge, but it will not take over your life

We promise it will not take over your life, although you might catch the running bug along the way. Let us break it down we are talking 6 x miles, which walking briskly will take approx. 90 mins. 

Running a 10K race is rewarding, your fitness will improve, and it still leaves you time to be doing other things, as training will only need to be 3-4 times a week! Do not forget, you can run at any time to suit you. It is great to have a friend for motivation.

2. Running is amazing for your mental heath 

The are so many medical reports highlighting how amazing running is for mental health. Running can control stress and boost the body's ability to deal with existing mental tension. Exercise also increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps moderate the brain's response to stress. Running outside in the sunshine can help your body produce vitamin D, which can help to reduce your likelihood of experiencing depressive symptoms. The chemicals released during and after running can help people experiencing anxiety feel calmer. Going for a run and getting your body moving is a healthy way of coping with tough times and encouraging good times!

3. A huge sense of achievement 

As humans we can naturally be tough on ourselves, so setting yourself a realistic goal and achieving is the best feeling in the world! Yes, the 10K is a challenge but it is achievable – and your body and mind will thank you for it. Visualise yourself running past the historic Victorian town hall and Medieval Cathedral, before finishing on Eastgate Street with a spectacular backdrop of the Eastgate Clock. All your training will be a distant memory as you take in the cheering crowd and feel the overpowering sense of achievement. It is not just you; your friends and family will feel the buzz too!  

4. You will overcome the 5K comfort zone

The step from 5K to 10K can feel daunting – but with sensible training, and a positive mind set, it is not as tricky as you might think. If you are achieving a 5K park run, it is time for the next goal, right? Do not get stuck in your 5K comfort zone. Enter a 10K and extend your goals to increase your distance, fitness, and endurance. You can do it, and training for a 10K will also help speed up for 5K run (so it is a win, win).

5. Training is not exhausting 

10K training starts slowly and builds. The sessions are manageable and under 60 mins, as you increase your training distances, the longest runs will be 60/75 mins. You can train in the great outdoors, so there are no time restraints – you can train when it suits you! The best bit is that we provide training plans, support, advice, and group training runs (local to Chester) so you will only feel positive vibes throughout your training!

6. You will get fitter

During your training, you will burn calories, increase your endurance, and of course, get in better shape – in fact, the fitness benefits of running a 10K are amazing! You will have achieved an incredible goal, got fitter and you will take-home our fabulous running bling (in the form of our stunning MBNA Chester 10K medal and finishers shirt). If you mix your training and cross-train, you are likely to build a stronger core, arms, and legs.

7. Raise valuable funds whilst running 

Raising money for charity whilst running is the perfect way to give yourself a bit more ‘meaningful motivation’ to achieve your goal and support a personal or worthwhile cause at the same time. There are so many charities to choose from and all are such worthy causes, like Hope House & Ty Gobaith Children’s hospice which is our official race charity for 2023.

If you have your own charity in mind, you can use our easy ‘go fund me’ option when you sign up to the MBNA Chester10K or any of our races. Setting up a ‘go fund me’ page is a simple and convenient way to raise money whilst you run. 

8. Running through the city of Chester is beautiful 

Yes, of course we love Chester, but running through the historic streets of Chester and picturesque surrounding villages is a simply beautiful on the eye. It is surprising how a stunning view and interesting scenery is both uplifting and a wonderful distraction on the body and mind. Not only is the course backdrop beautiful, the crowds and supporters line the street throughout the route – providing the most amazing works of encouragement and applause from start to finish.

9. You can inspire yourself and others 

If your decision to train and run a 10K inspires one other person to start running, improve their health and fitness or raise money for a worthwhile charity – you should most definitely give yourself a pat on your back. Inspiring others also inspire yourself to achieve more. That is the beauty of running, there is always the next challenge or inspiration on the horizon.

10.  The MBNA Chester 10K is the best in the Northwest 

Our Award-winning MBNA Chester 10K course is ideal for all race abilities. It is the perfect course for your first 10K through to running as an elite runner. In 2023, for the first time, we will be the hosts of the England Age group master’s Championships at all our race events. Sign up today we will support you every step of the way, and our race goody bags are renowned for being simply formidable! 

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Course Record

Course Record


Johnny Mellor in 2023


Sonia Samuels in 2021

2023 Results

1st Johnny Mellor 29:20
2nd Omar Ahmed (Birchfield Harriers) 29:35
3rd Charlie Hulson (Deeside AAC) 30:09
1st Kirsty Longley (Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton AC) 35:33
2nd Carla Davies (Preston Harriers) 35:41
3rd Joanna Marsden (Cheshire Dragons) 36:40