MBNA Chester Metric Marathon - 6th October 2024

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06 Oct 2024 10:10

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon - 6th October 2024

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Inspirational Stories - Roger The Wheelchair Racer

Roger has been racing with us for a number of years now and it's always a pleasure to see him on the start line. Roger is FAST! So much so, that finding escort runners to support him can sometimes prove tricky! He may be slower on the uphills, but the flat and downhill sections combine to make an overall average speed of 7.25 minute miles - a pace that many regular runners would find a challenge! Roger wasn't always the positive, inspirational athlete he is today and we are sharing his story, in the hope that it can motivate others with disabilities & prove that anything is possible with determination and support.  


"I’ve been I a wheelchair since 2005 with a spinal injury from the Army. I was in a dark place trying to recover mentally and physically as I struggled for many years to get myself back to a form of normality, and with health issues at the time, life was challenging. I got into marathons after viewing some social media posts of the Chester Half Marathon, and being a person who wants to push myself, I entered, and my world changed. 


Being able to take part with other amateur and professional athletes opened my world to a new group of friends, including my escort runners that help me push myself. My mental state increased 10-fold and having found this new drive, my physical self improved, with better health and fitness and so did my normal everyday life.


The emotional support I get from this sport is truly amazing, and I also help others struggling on events. I’m a a paraplegic doing marathons, and if I can do it, anyone can. Just because you have a disability don’t let it stop you, in some senses we are people that can motivate anyone in sport." 


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Course Record


Charlie Hulson in 2018


Elizabeth Renondeau in 2021

2022 Results

1st Gavin Tomlinson (Chorlton Runners) 1:29:13
2nd James Meader (Derby AC) 1:33:41
3rd David Morris (City of Stoke AC) 1:34:27
1st Lindsay Fisher (West Cheshire AC) 1:47:30
2nd Kate Wells (Telford AC) 1:50:10
3rd Carla Green (North Wales Road Runners) 1:53:02
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