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Event Sustainability

As the organisers of the award winning Chester Marathon & Half Marathon, and Chester's only City based 10K, with thousands of people running each event every year, we are very conscious of our environmental impact. We are determined to ensure our events are sustainable and that we act responsibly towards our local and wider community, and the environment.

Each year we review our plans for our events and always look to see where we can improve. We also know that many of you want to do your bit too.

Correspondence and Marketing

All our entries are hosted online, with all correspondence via email apart from your race pack itself. We are moving towards using fewer printed marketing adverts and exploring ways to invest in greater use of paperless solutions. This all means we are using less paper. 

Getting to an event

If you live locally, why not walk or cycle to our event? Our baggage store will keep your rucksack safe while you run.

All our events start and finish close to Chester's new bus station, so why not see if you can hop on the bus?

Coming by car? Why not car share with friends, family or clubmates - it's cheaper and more fun!

Waste and Recycling

We are constantly working with our suppliers and looking at ways to minimise single use plastic. At present, plastic bottles are currently the most effective and efficient solution for distributing water and sports drinks to our runners, to ensure they stay hydrated.

All our Radnor Water bottles are made from 51% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. We currently use the smallest bottles they produce at 300ml. This helps ensure runners have enough water with them during the race and we are minimising the production of plastic.

All Lucozade Sport drinks bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic; we have also reduced the size of all bottles to 380ml from 500ml. 

We have a professional recycling and litter picking team who walk the route of each event, who are responsible for collecting bottles and other race waste for recycling.

Please help our team by disposing of drinks bottles and other waste in a bin, or at a marshalling or mile point. Each drinks station has a number of large collection bins for runners to dispose of their bottles, or your can keep them with you to keep sipping and dispose of at the next bin or marshal.

Please do not throw rubbish into hedges or ditches as it is difficult for our team to retrieve.

We work closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure every effort is made to recycle as much waste as possible. All waste from the venue and and the route is hand sorted and recycled - nothing goes to landfill. 

You can help by only taking the drinks that you need, and running with your bottle until it can be disposed of at a bin or bottle drop. Why not bring a race hydration back pack or your own reusable water bottle?

Goody bags and content 

Our Chester 10K goody bags are ALDI bags for life - these are made from 80% recycled plastic, are tough and can be reused many times, and are fully recyclable when they eventually wear out - take them to your local Aldi store and they can recycle them.

The goody bags for the Chester Half Marathon are a good quality bag in a useful size, which can be re-used many times.

Our Chester Marathon and Metric Marathon goody bags are designed to be multi-use and multi purpose durable fabric bags.  

We strive to fill our goody bags with products that people want - so they will be used and useful, with minimal food waste.

We aim to provide top-quality T-shirts that runners want to keep and wear (with long sleeves in the run up to winter, short sleeves as we approach spring/summer). We're happy to see so many of our past race T-shirts worn by runners during their training and racing. If you have past race shirts you no longer with to wear, you can donate these to charity or send them for recycling.

Race Record


Vincent Boit in 2015


Amanda Crook in 2013

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2019 Results.

1st Mohammad Rezeq (Altrincham & District AC) 1:04:28
2nd Ben Fish (Blackburn Harriers & AC) 1:09:27
3rd Simon Birch (Hinckley Running Club) 1:10:38
1st Kirsty Longley (Liverpool, Pembroke & Sefton) 1:19:03
2nd Julie Briscoe (Wakefield District H & AC) 1:19:47
3rd Gemma Connolly (St Helens Sutton AC) 1:19:56
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