Essar Chester Half Marathon - Sunday 15th May 2022

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15 May 2022 09:00

Essar Chester Half Marathon - Sunday 15th May 2022

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Pace Runners

In 2022  we are back to our 15 strong Pace Runners crew, targeting every 10 minute time slot from 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes.  Pace runners run the race at a pre-determined pace, which they may adjust slightly at different points in the race to take account of the changes in terrain.  


If you are a new runner with a specific target time in mind or you are looking to beat your personal best time, the Pace Crew will be there to help you achieve your goal. 

Our Pace Runners are also a familiar sight at our monthly training runs, where they support runners in their progress towards race day.  

If you'd like to be considered for our future Pace Crew please contact our Pace Crew Manager, Dave on

Our 2019 pace crew were:

  • JOE Target Time: 1:30

    Joe, a Denbigh Harrier, is joining us for the first time at the half marathon, having paced with us at the 2019 marathon.

    KIERAN Target Time: 1:30

    Kieran, who is a member of Wrecsam Tri, is a regular pacer at both our half and full marathons.

  • JASON Target Time: 1:40

    Blackburn Road Runner Jason has paced for us regularly since the 2015 Chester Marathon.

    ROB Target Time: 1:40

    Rob, from Pensby Runners, joins us again as a Pace Runner.

  • CAZ Target Time: 1:50

    A veteran of the team, Caz from Wirral AC, has been with us ever since the 2013 marathon.

    KELVIN Target Time: 1:50

    Kelvin, who is a member of Wirral AC is a veteran of our Pace Crew since its launch in the 2013 Chester Marathon.

  • GARY Target Time: 2:00

    Gary runs for Ellesmere Port RC and is one of our veteran Pace Runners. A member of the 100 Marathon Club, Gary has the distinction of being the only Pace Runner in the 2013 Chester Half Marathon when we were first exploring the notion of Pace Runners for our events.

    STEPHEN Target Time: 2:00

    Stephen, who runs for West Cheshire AC, joins our Pace Team once again.

    TED Target Time: 2:00

    Ted will be making his debut at the 2020 half marathon. Welcome to the Pace Team Ted!

  • Andrew Target Time: 2:10

    Andrew, from Blackburn RR, has paced the 2018 and 2019 marathons for us and is a welcome addition to the half marathon Pace Crew.

    STEVE Target Time: 2:10

    Another stalwart of the team, Steve from Buckley RC has been with us since 2013.

  • RACHEL Target Time: 2:20

    Rachel is one half of our "dream team" from Ellesmere Port RC.

    SUE Target Time: 2:20

    Sue, along with Rachel, has paced for us in many of our events.

  • ALISON Target Time: 2:30

    Besides pacing for us over the marathon and half marathon distances Alison is a familiar face at the training runs where she goes that extra mile to support the runners.

    JO Target Time: 2:30

    Jo has paced with us since 2018 and we're happy to welcome her back again this year.

Race Record


Vincent Boit in 2015


Amanda Crook in 2013

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2021 Results.

1st Jonathan Escalante-Phillips (Cambridge & Coleridge AC) 1:06:36
2nd Charlie Hulson (Liverpool Harriers & AC) 1:07:03
3rd Daniel Jarvis (Bedford & County AC) 1:07:09
1st Tracy Barlow (Thames Valley Harriers) 1:20:13
2nd Kirsty Longley (Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton H AC) 1:20:20
3rd Sarah Hunter (Ackworth Road Runners) 1:20:32
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