MBNA Chester Marathon - 2nd October 2022

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02 Oct 2022 09:00

MBNA Chester Marathon - 2nd October 2022

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The pace runnners

Unfortunately, there will be no Pace Runners at the event this year to reduce the risk of runners grouping.

Hopefully back in 2022, we will back to a 19 strong Pace Runner crew targeting every 15 minute time slots from 3 hours to 5 hours.  Pace runners run the race at a pre-determined pace which they may adjust slightly at different points in the race to take account of the changes in terrain.

If you are a new runner with a specific target time in mind or you are looking to beat your personal best time, our Pace Crew will be there to help you achieve your goal.  

Our Pace Runners are also a familiar sight at our monthly training runs, where they support runners in their progress towards race day. 

If you'd like to be considered for our 2022 Pace Crew please contact our Pace Crew Manager, Dave davet@chestermarathon.co.uk

Our 2019 marathon Pace Crew were:



  • DAVID Target Time: 3:00

    David, from Blackburn RR, makes his debut for us in this year's marathon.

    JOE Target Time: 3:00

    Joe, a Denbigh Harrier, is making his debut as a member of the Pace Crew for this year's MBNA Chester Marathon.

  • KIERAN Target Time: 3:15

    Kieran, from Wrecsam Tri, is no stranger to pacing for us.

    LEE Target Time: 3:15

    Lee, from Black Country TC, makes a welcome return to the Pace Crew.

  • JASON Target Time: 3:30

    Jason joins Blackburn clubmate Shafiq yet again to pace our marathon.

    SHAFIQ Target Time: 3:30

    Blackburn Road Runner Shafiq will give his all to get you across the line.

  • KELVIN Target Time: 3:45

    Wirral AC runner Kelvin is a veteran member of the Pace Crew.

    NEIL Target Time: 3:45

    Neil who runs for Wirral AC, makes a welcome return to the Pace Crew.

  • DAVE Target Time: 4:00

    Dave runs for Massey Fergusson and has paced for us many times previously.

    Duane Target Time: 4:00

    This is Duane's second outing for us in the MBNA Chester Marathon.

    JON Target Time: 4:00

    Jon, a proud member of the 100 Marathon Club, is no stranger to pacing for our events.

  • Andrew Target Time: 4:15

    Andrew from Blackburn RR joined the marathon Pace Crew in 2018.

    GARY Target Time: 4:15

    Gary from Blackburn RR is making his debut as a Pace Runner in our marathon. We thank Gary who has stepped in at short notice.

  • DELROY Target Time: 4:30

    Delroy, from Massey Fergusson RC, makes his debut for us in this year's marathon.

    NATHALIE Target Time: 4:30

    Nathalie, a Chester Road Runner, joined the Pace Crew for last year's marathon.

  • GARY Target Time: 4:45

    Be prepared to be entertained by Gary, a 100 Marathon Club man. Gary was our very first Pace Runner.

    GRAHAM Target Time: 4:45

    Graham, from Spectrum Striders, is a core member of the Pace Crew.

  • RACHEL Target Time: 5:00

    Rachel joins her Ellesmere Port clubmate Sue yet again to pace for us.

    SUE Target Time: 5:00

    Sue, from Ellesmere Port RC, is the other half of our 5 hour team.

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Course Record

The route is renowned for being fast and largely flat – more than 70% of our runners achieve PBs!


Marius Ionescu in 2014


Julie Briscoe in 2013

2021 Marathon Results

1st Michael Young (West Cheshire AC) 2:27:32
2nd Joseph Turner (Cambridge & Coleridge AC) 2:28:47
3rd Tomos Roberts (Meirionnydd RC) 2:33:45
1st Melissah Gibson (Ealing Eagles RC) 2:48:44
2nd Keely Smith (West Cheshire AC) 2:58:29
3rd Alison Taylor 2:59:19
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