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Nutrition – Sticking to Your New Year Fitness and Nutrition Goals

Posted on: 06 January 2021

It’s that time of year when people are looking for the next best diet and fitness regime to lose their Christmas weight. These typically include a quick fix diet that are designed to ‘cleanse’ and ‘detox’ the body from all its toxins. Sounds perfect …

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Training Tips - "What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger " said Friedrich Nietzsche & our Coach Dave!

Posted on: 26 November 2020

As I write this the rain is pattering against my window.  Oh great!

I have a run scheduled for this afternoon and the weather forecast is rain all day…

Do I still go out?  Of course I do, I’m a runner!

For me the question has always been about “wh…

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Inspirational Stories - Beating Breast Cancer & living life to the full, by Sandra Barrett our Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Posted on: 09 November 2020

I’m Sandra I’ve been married to Pete for 36 years. We have 2 grown up children and a 3 year old grandson .

I’ve been running (plodding) since my late 20s but never entered any events as I didn’t feel I was a ‘proper’ runner. One evening in 2007 afte…

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Nutrition - How to burn fat by our Race Sponsor HIGH5 Sports Nutrition

Posted on: 06 November 2020

For lots of endurance sportsmen and women, lower levels of body fat equate to better performance. Andrew Hamilton explains the nuts and bolts of fat burning and how you can manipulate your training to burn more fat…

Introduction to fat burning


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Inspirational Stories - How Running Transformed my Life, by Chris Hulse.

Posted on: 22 September 2020

Nearly 20 years ago Chris, the co-founder of Active Leisure Events - ironically referred to as ALE for short! 🍻 - was an enthusiastic drinker and seriously overweight. Here, he tells the story of how he turned his life around.

Throughout my younge…

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Training Tips - Have Fun with Fartlek by our Running Coach, Dave Taylor.

Posted on: 01 September 2020

I like fartlek.  Based on a Swedish term translated as “speed play” these sessions are a welcome alternative to the very structured interval sessions.  But just because they are informal doesn’t mean they can’t be a challenging workout!

Fartlek trai…

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Nutrition - Helping you achieve your goals by our Race Sponsor HIGH5 Sports Nutrition

Posted on: 01 September 2020

Here at HIGH5, we are committed to creating nutritious products with amazing natural flavours and we’re passionate about supporting you to achieve your goals – however big or small. Our aim is to deliver sports nutrition which helps you to enjoy your…

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Nutrition - Sports Nutrition For Runners by our Race Sponsor HIGH5 Sports Nutrition

Posted on: 01 September 2020

Sports Nutrition is all about maintaining energy levels and minimizing fatigue. Below HIGH5 have summarised their top tips to fuelling and hydrating your training sessions.

Why We Need Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is the essential fuel your body needs…

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Training Tips - "Going Wild!" Why getting off the tarmac & exploring the great outdoors can improve your running & much more, by our running Coach, Dave Taylor.

Posted on: 11 August 2020

You can’t beat the great outdoors.  It’s just…great!

A run in the woods, hills, moors and fields ticks all the boxes and is a refreshing alternative to all that pavement pounding. 

If you are used to training on the roads then the first thing you n…

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Training Tips - "The only way you'll run faster is by running faster!" Interval sessions explained by our running Coach, Dave.

Posted on: 11 August 2020

It’s an inescapable fact of life, that the only way you’ll run faster is by running faster!

Luckily you can achieve this in manageable, bite-size chunks.

Basically, the objective of an interval/speed work session is to complete a series of runs at …

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