MBNA Chester Metric Marathon - 6th October 2024

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06 Oct 2024 10:10

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon - 6th October 2024

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Race Information

The 10th MBNA Chester Metric Marathon will take place on 6th October 2024 at 10:10


The route is on closed roads and you will run past all Chester's iconic landmarks (Roman Walls, Cathedral, Medieval Rows,  Eastgate Clock, Amphitheatre) before heading out to the stunning Cheshire countryside and villages. You join the marathon runners after 8.5 miles and return to Chester alongside the River Dee for an unforgettable finish on Castle Drive. The support in the villages and communities along the course is one of the many highlights of the race.


There will be 330ml Brecon Caregg bottled water at all stations, with High5 Energy Gel Aqua also available on the route. There will be bands, music and entertainment along the way to entertain the crowds and runners.  If any bands are interested in joining us please email bands@activeleisureevents.co.uk.

The drink stations for the event are as follows:

Start - Brecon Carreg & Toilets
DS 1 - 3.9 km Brecon Carreg & Toilets
DS 2 - 7.2 km miles Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 3 - 10.3 km Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 4 - 14.2 km Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 5 - 17.9 miles Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 6 - 20.9 km Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets 
DS 7 - 24.3 km Brecon Carreg & Toilets
Finish - Brecon Carreg & Toilets

Baggage Storage

We will have Baggage Store for this event, opening at 07:30 for bag drop off, and again at 11:15 - 16:00 for collection.

Your baggage label is on the bottom of your race number. Please attach the baggage label securely to your bag. Your race number is needed to retrieve your bag.

Please don’t leave valuable or breakable items in baggage storage. Although baggage will be kept secure during the race and manned at all times, items are left at your own risk. The organisers will not be held responsible for any damage or loss.

Hoodie Collection

Hoodie collection will be from Help Desk on both Saturday and Sunday of race weekend. Don't forget to collect yours, if you pre-ordered one, after the race on race day.


We will have chip timing with intermediate splits, with social media athlete tracking so friends and family can follow your progress.

Finisher Goodies

All finishers will receive a quality goody bag, as well as a long sleeved technical T-shirt and a bespoke medal.

Mini Marathon

And why should you have all the fun!  Check out the Mini Marathon to inspire the new generation of runners and your young supporters. 


All our races are licensed by UK Athletics and run under their rules. To run the MBNA Metric Marathon you must be at least 18 years old on race day.

You should find all the information you need on the web site and FAQ's. However, please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like any additional information.


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Course Record


Charlie Hulson in 2018


Elizabeth Renondeau in 2021

2023 Results

1st Thomas Charles (Chorlton Runners) 1:27:52
2nd Michael Young (West Cheshire Athletic Club) 1:28:07
3rd Benjamin Goodfellow (Wrexham AAC) 1:30:15
1st Lindsay Fisher (West Cheshire Athletic Club) 1:42:34
2nd Keely Smith (West Cheshire Athletic Club) 1:49:30
3rd Liza Bradshaw (CLC Striders) 1:54:27
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As with all such events, our events would not be possible without the help of a huge team of volunteers.

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