MBNA Chester Metric Marathon - 3rd October 2021.

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03 Oct 2021 10:15

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon - 3rd October 2021.

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Results & Race History

The first MBNA Chester Metric Marathon took place in October 2014, alongside the MBNA Chester Marathon. It was introduced by Chris and Andy as an achievable step for runners not yet ready for the full marathon distance. 

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 6th October 2019
Male Winner: Chris Pownell 1:30:47
Female Winner: Es Burford 1:49:17

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 7th October 2018
Male Winner: Charlie Hulson 1:26:58 (course record)
Female Winner: Karen Alexander1:45:48

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 8th October 2017
Male Winner: Chris Pownell 1:35:37
Female Winner: Hannah Jarvis 1:44:14 (course record)

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 2nd October 2016
Male Winner: Darren Rowlands 1:34:56
Female Winner: Mary Western 1:53:51

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 4th October 2015
Male Winner: Matt Adcock 1:30:38
Female Winner: Es Burford 1:49:02

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 5th October 2014
Male Winner: Duncan Clark 1:44:37
Female Winner: Louise Blizzard 1:47:46


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Course Record


Charlie Hulson in 2018


Hannah Jarvis in 2017

2019 Results

1st Chris Pownell (Knowsley Harriers) 1:30:47
2nd Nicholas Barry (Sale Harriers Manchester) 1:31:05
3rd Martin Green (North Wales Road Runners) 1:33:35
1st Es Burford 1:49:17
2nd Sophie Hunt (UTS Running Club) 1:49:40
3rd Elizabeth Renondeau (Vale Royal AC) 1:51:32
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