MBNA Chester Metric Marathon - 2nd October 2022

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02 Oct 2022 10:10

MBNA Chester Metric Marathon - 2nd October 2022

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Run Your Way!

Run It Your Way 

Can't make it on Race Day but want that Triple Medal? Or still concerned about Covid? We understand that life can get in the way, and that's why we are keeping our Run Your Way events.

You can run the race your own way by completing at least the race distance anytime between 2nd and 31st October. You can enter the Run Your Way MBNA Chester Metric Marathon here.

Already entered the MBNA Chester Metric Marathon? To change to the Run Your Way Metric Marathon, log into your account on www.niftyentries.com, find the race place you would like to transfer, choose Transfer, select ‘Transfer to another event’ and then pick the Run Your Way event.

Please ensure you follow all the latest government guidance when running and stay safe. 

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Course Record


Charlie Hulson in 2018


Elizabeth Renondeau in 2021

2021 Results

1st Dean Howlett (Kirkby Milers AC) 1:36:19
2nd Jonathan Kettle (North Wales Road Runners) 1:36:50
3rd Tom Dunlop (Derwent AC Cockermouth) 1:37:27
1st Elizabeth Rendondeau (Cheshire Dragons) 1:42:13
2nd Lucy Tilston (Chester Road Runners) 1:52:33
3rd Paiwan Dodd 1:56:48
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As with all such events, our events would not be possible without the help of a huge team of volunteers.

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