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Spectator Information

The course for the MBNA Chester Marathon and Metric Marathon is wholly within closed roads to provide the best experience for competitors and to maximise their safety. This means that some parts of the course will be difficult to access by spectators who will have to park in a convenient and safe place and walk to the course. Anyone parking a car near to the course, please do so in a responsible and considerate manner.

If friends and family want to travel around the course, please make sure that you are fully aware of the race route and know in advance how to reach your intended supporting points taking into account the road closures.

It you want to watch the marathon, the best spots are in the villages of Holt and Farndon, both of which have places to eat and drink while you spectate. To avoid the road closures access the A534 from the A41 southbound (towards Whitchurch) turning right at Broxton roundabout; or from the A483 southbound (towards Wrexham), turning left at junction 7 (A5156). The metric marathon doesn't pass through Holt and Farndon. 

If you’re not familiar with the local road network there are great places to watch and cheer runners in the City just after the start. If you head off straight after the start you can cheer runners on Eastgate Street (for both races) or at the Old Dee Bridge (marathon runners). Towards the end of the race supporters of both races can cheer along the River Dee at The Groves or stake claim on a prime position in the Racecourse to cheer the finishers.

Map showing city centre spectator points

Recommended Spectator Locations





09:00 & 10:00

Vehicle Access prior to 08:00. The car park closes at 08:00 and will reopen about 11:00.

City Centre

09:10 to   10:45

Walk from the Racecourse. Lots of food and drink available nearby.

CH1 1SD 

11:00 to 15:00

Within a short walk of the finish. Good viewing close to city centre. Lots of food and drink available.

CH1 2LY 

11:20 to 15:00

Vehicle Access prior to 08:00. The car park closes at 08:00 and will reopen about 11:00.

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Course Record


Charlie Hulson in 2018


Hannah Jarvis in 2017

2019 Results

1st Chris Pownell (Knowsley Harriers) 1:30:47
2nd Nicholas Barry (Sale Harriers Manchester) 1:31:05
3rd Martin Green (North Wales Road Runners) 1:33:35
1st Es Burford 1:49:17
2nd Sophie Hunt (UTS Running Club) 1:49:40
3rd Elizabeth Renondeau (Vale Royal AC) 1:51:32
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